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The FSC Identikit

Tools for building online interactive ID resources for biological identification, driven by spreadsheets of knowledge.

The FSC Identikit

We now have a forum. Join us there to ask for help using Identikit, help with creating resources, discuss features, bugs, or anything else related to the software.

To get started quickly, follow our Quickstart Guide.

The FSC Identikit is a framework for creating online biological identification resources, including multi-access keys. The genesis of the project was the Field Studies Council’s (FSC) Tomorrow’s Biodiversity project (funded by Esmée Fairbairn 2013-2017 inclusive). Esmée Fairbairn funded a further year’s development of the Identikit (covering 2018) to facilitate rolling the work forward into the HLF-funded FSC BioLinks project which runs from 2018 to 2022 inclusive. The Field Studies Council is a UK-based environmental education charity. We are committed to moving FSC Identikit forward as an open-source collaborative venture.

(Prior to March 2018, The FSC Identikit was referred to as ‘The ID Visualisation Framework’, or variations thereof.)

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The repostitory can be cloned thus: git clone

If the clone fails, try the following: git clone --depth 1 --no-single-branch.

The second git command clones the repostiory with a truncated history. This should be fine for most purposes.


All documentation for this project is found in the ‘documentation’ sub-folder and includes the following:

We are also working on moving the documentation online so that it will be available here. Currently the following is available:

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