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The FSC Identikit

Tools for building online interactive ID resources for biological identification, driven by spreadsheets of knowledge.

FSC Identikit Quickstart

To get up and running with Identikit, follow these steps:

  1. Install on your computer.
  2. Download the latest version of Identikit. Follow the link and download the latest ‘Source code (zip)’.
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to any convenient location on your computer.
  4. Using your usual file explorer tools, open the folder tombiovis-n.n.n/tombiovis-n.n.n.
  5. Open a Windows ‘command window’ by double-clicking the start.bat file (non-Windows users see note below).
  6. In the command window, type npm install and hit enter.
  7. In the command window, type npm start and hit enter.

Non-Windows users will probably not be able to run the start.bat file in step 5. Instead open whatever the equivalent command or terminal window is on your operating system and then continue from step 6.

Step 6 is a one-off step to configure NodeJS for the Identikit. Subsequently, all you have to do to start the Identikit is repeat steps 5 and 7. You must leave the ‘command window’ open whilst Identikit runs, but you can minimise it if you like.

If you have an existing a knowledge-base, just move or copy the entire folder into the tombiovis-n.n.n/tombiovis-n.n.n/identikit/kb folder.

That’s all - no need to edit any HTML files. Links to use your knowledge-base - both with standard and mobile interfaces - will appear when you start Identikit.

If you are starting from scratch, just copy and rename the entire biscuits knowledge-base folder in the aforementioned kb folder and start modifying the Excel spreadsheet within.

More help

For a more detailed guide to getting started and other detailed documentation, consult the PDFs in the tombiovis-n.n.n/identikit/documentation folder.